Monday, February 25, 2013

Zara 2013 S/S Shoe Collection

Zara, Zara, I love you. You bring us westerners the most beautiful, sophisticated, edgy fashion  that we all aspire to incorporate as the Europeans do.  I want just about every single shoe is the S/S 2013 collection. They are so right now, so wearable and ridiculously affordable.

These slouchy boots are my next purchase for sure! Would look fantastic with denim shorts.

Should receive this tomorrow. So chic, can't wait to wear!

Just ordered these and can't wait to wear them with EVERYTHING. I am thinking a pair of white trousers and blouse to start with.

I have the black version and I am loving this coral color with the gold/nude

These remind me of the Saint Laurent heels. Can't wait until they get more in stock. I have tried to order them twice, but they keep selling out!       

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