Tuesday, March 19, 2013


My hair has been in a longish pixie (circa Rhianna's first short cut I believe back in 2008?) for close to 5 years now...wow...sounds crazy when I really think in terms of years.  I never really liked myself with long hair and have kept in in a short bob for most of my life.  I have always thought short hair is more stylish and fashion forward if executed properly.  Been really inspired by all the bobs and under ear lengths I have been seeing more of  and decided to grow mine slightly. Also been letting my hair air dry into it's natural wave/curliness.  Below are some hair cuts that inspire...

My current length with slight waves

Tight Ringlet curls and jet black. Love the asymmetry.

This is pretty much what I aspire to for my ultimate hair look!
Gorgeous Platinum blonde and flirty cut.
Great color...close to my natural color, but I usually go darker lately. Deep side part and ear tuck add to the sophistication.
Gorgeous color as well, and perfectly frames her face!

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